Hoya Revo SMC UV Filter – 72mm

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Hoya REVO UV filters are designed to stop UV light (haze) from reaching your digital camera’s sensor and in doing so, produce clearer, sharper images.

They also provide excellent protection to your expensive lens’ front element.

Hoya’s SMC (Super MultiCoating) is applied to both front and rear glass surfaces to increase light transmission and prevent flare or ghosting.

The coating is further protected with a clear water and stain resistant surface to allow easy care and handling of REVO filters in the field.

All Hoya REVO filters have Super-Slim aluminium filter frames to avoid vignetting and make them compatible with super or ultra-wide-angle lenses.

  • Filters out UV light (haze) for clearer, sharper images and protects your lens

  • Super Multi-Coated to increase light-transmission and combat flare or ghosting

  • Super-Slim aluminium frame - avoids vignetting on super and ultra wide-angle lenses

  • Available in sizes from 37mm to 82mm diameter

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